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Drupal Migration of Education Website


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Drupal 7, PHP, MySQL, Plone, Python, Zope

About the Client

Our client, a prestigious college, set out on a journey to modernize their digital presence.

The goal was clear when they were tasked with redesigning their legacy website, which used Plone, a Python-based CMS that leveraged the robust Zope object data storage system: to create a modern web platform that not only streamlined management but also incorporated advanced content management functionalities.

This ambitious project sought to provide a dynamic, user-friendly web experience while leveraging cutting-edge technology.

The Challenge

The challenge was to migrate the existing content from the old website to the new website while retaining all of its search engine value. This was not an easy task because the old and new websites used very different data structures and content management systems.

The previous website was built with Plone, a Python-based CMS that makes use of the Zope object data storage system. This means that the data was saved as objects in a hierarchical tree rather than rows and columns in a database.

Drupal, a PHP-based CMS with a relational data model, was used to build the new website. This means that the content was saved in a database as entities with fields and relationships between them. We had to map the objects to the entities and preserve the taxonomy and metadata of the content to port the content from one system to another.

We also had to make sure that the old website’s URLs and meta tags were carried over to the new website so that search engines did not penalize it for changing its structure.


We used our knowledge of CMS concepts and Drupal’s architecture to create a custom Drupal module capable of transferring data from object data storage to Drupal’s relational data store.

This module was able to convert content objects into Drupal entities and map their fields and relationships.

To meet the client’s specific requirements, we also used and extended several advanced Drupal modules such as Views, Webforms, Events, and so on. We were able to create dynamic and interactive content displays, forms, calendars, and other features on the new website thanks to these modules.

To simplify the content architecture of the new website, we created multiple content types (some custom content types) and a complex taxonomy on Drupal.

These content types and taxonomies assisted us in organizing and categorizing the content based on its purpose and category. We also redesigned the layout and appearance of the website to make it more user-friendly and appealing.

We used a responsive theme that adjusted to various screen sizes and devices, and we customized the colors, fonts, images, and menus to match the client’s brand identity.

Features and Advantages – Drupal CMS


As a result, the legacy website content was completely ported into a completely redesigned website that the client could easily manage. The new website included all of the advanced content management features requested by the client, such as events, web forms, views, and so on.

These features allowed the client to create and update content in a flexible and efficient manner, as well as display it in a variety of formats and layouts. The new website also retained all of the old website’s search engine value, as we ensured that all URLs and meta tags were preserved.

This meant that the new website did not lose any of its search engine traffic or ranking and that users could easily find and access the content they were looking for. The new website also had better performance and security than the old one because we used the most recent Drupal version and modules, as well as the best coding and testing practices.

Client Feedback

The client and their content management team were overjoyed with the solution and proud of their newly created content-rich yet easily manageable website.

They praised HyScaler’s professionalism, quality, and timely completion of the project. They praised our ability to comprehend their needs, migrate their legacy content without loss, redesign their website with a user-friendly and appealing layout, and provide them with advanced and flexible content management features.

They were also pleased with the new website’s performance and security, as well as the preservation of their search engine value. They expressed gratitude for our excellent work and collaboration and stated that they would recommend us to others in need of similar services.


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