Recognizing HyScaler's Distinction

Dive into HyScaler's accolades, reflecting our dedication to excellence and notable successes.


Left DesignBest Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023Right Design
Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023In 2023, we proudly claim the title of 'Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm.' Our commitment to innovation and tailored solutions sets us apart as your trusted partners in the digital landscape, delivering success stories for our clients.award badge
Best Blockchain & IT Consulting Firm 2023
Left DesignBusiness MaestroRight Design
Business MaestroFor the small and medium enterprises with big dreams. Your dedication, hustle, and heart make you stand tall among giants. This is to celebrate your spirit.award badge
Business Maestro
Left DesignEmerging Technologies (Blockchain)Right Design
Emerging Technologies (Blockchain)A salute to the brave pioneers exploring the vast potential of blockchain. Your passion and drive are shaping a digital revolution.award badge
Emerging Technologies (Blockchain)
Left DesignThe Most Promising IT CompanyRight Design
The Most Promising IT CompanyFor those bright-eyed, trailblazing IT firms, lighting up the tech horizon with their fresh ideas and zest, this one's to celebrate your promising journey ahead.award badge
The Most Promising IT Company
Left DesignAward For Best Use Of IT in HealthcareRight Design
Award For Best Use Of IT in HealthcareTo those who've harnessed the power of IT to bring a smile, a sigh of relief, or a ray of hope in healthcare, this award salutes your incredible contribution.award badge
Award For Best Use Of IT in Healthcare
Left DesignBest IT Employer in Platform as a Service (PAAS) DomainRight Design
Best IT Employer in Platform as a Service (PAAS) DomainNot just about tech, it's about creating a home for innovation. This award goes to those IT companies in PAAS who've made their workspace a haven for creativity and growth.award badge
Best IT Employer in Platform as a Service (PAAS) Domain
Left DesignTop Most HR Leaders (India)Right Design
Top Most HR Leaders (India)Celebrating the heart and soul of India's HR community, this award gives a nod to those passionate leaders who've been game-changers, inspiring both peers and newcomers.award badge
Top Most HR Leaders (India)


Left DesignNetTantra - Great Place to Work CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - Great Place to Work CertificationIt's not just about the work, but the laughter, camaraderie, and shared dreams. This is a nod to our vibrant culture where every voice matters and every day is a new chance to inspire.award badge
NetTantra - Great Place to Work Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - CMMI Maturity Level-3 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - CMMI Maturity Level-3 CertificationAt NetTantra, we're not just about processes, but about the heart behind each one. Our CMMI Level-3 attests to our passion for excellence and evolving better, together.award badge
NetTantra - CMMI Maturity Level-3 Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - ISO-IEC 20000-1-2018 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - ISO-IEC 20000-1-2018 CertificationTech with a touch of heart. While we're geeky about top-notch IT service, this certification proves we're doing it with warmth and global excellence.award badge
NetTantra - ISO-IEC 20000-1-2018 Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - ISO 45001-2018 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - ISO 45001-2018 CertificationOur team is our family. This seal is proof of our unwavering commitment to keeping our workspace not just productive, but also safe and nurturing.award badge
NetTantra - ISO 45001-2018 Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - ISO 37001-2016 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - ISO 37001-2016 CertificationTrust and integrity are at the heart of our ethos. This certification is our pledge to always walk the straight path and keep ethics front and center.award badge
NetTantra - ISO 37001-2016 Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - ISO 14001-2015 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - ISO 14001-2015 CertificationOur planet matters, and so does our impact on it. With this certification, we're embracing greener ways of doing business, because every little bit helps.award badge
NetTantra - ISO 14001-2015 Certification
Left DesignNetTantra - ISO 9001-2015 CertificationRight Design
NetTantra - ISO 9001-2015 CertificationThis isn't just a stamp for us; it's our promise. It means every time you interact with NetTantra, you're getting our very best, backed by globally recognized quality standards.award badge
NetTantra - ISO 9001-2015 Certification